Do What Do Will







by Aleister Crowley


A∴A∴ Publication in Class B

The short form Reconstructed from surviving index slips
with an introduction and technical notes

H. A. Fra. A∴ A∴
An. LXXIV e.n.

"A complete Dictionary of all sacred and important words and phrases given in the Books of the Gnosis and other important writings both in the Greek and the Coptic." — from The Curriculum of A∴ A∴


A a B b G g D d E e F f (V v) / St Z z E e TH th
Ⲁ ⲁ Ⲃ ⲃ Ⲅ ⲅ Ⲇ ⲇ Ⲉ ⲉ Ⲋ ⲋ Ⲍ ⲍ Ⲏ ⲏ Ⲑ ⲑ
Α α Β β Γ γ Δ δ Ε ε Ϝ ϝ / Ϛ ϛ Ζ ζ Η η Θ θ
Alpha = 1 Beta = 2 Gamma = 3 Delta = 4 Epsilon = 5 Digamma = 6 Zeta = 7 Eta = 8 Theta = 9
I i K k L l M m N n X x O o P p Q q
Ⲓ ⲓ Ⲕ ⲕ Ⲗ ⲗ Ⲙ ⲙ Ⲛ ⲛ Ⲝ ⲝ Ⲟ ⲟ Ⲡ ⲡ Ϭ ϭ
Ι ι Κ κ Λ λ Μ μ Ν ν Ξ ξ Ο ο Π π Ϙ ϙ / ϟ
Iota = 10 Kappa = 20 Lambda = 30 Mu = 40 Nu = 50 Xi = 60 Omicron = 70 Pi = 80 Qoppa = 90
R r S s T t Y y Ph ph / Fh Fh Ch ch / Kh kh Ps ps Om om Sh sh
Ⲣ ⲣ Ⲥ ⲥ Ⲧ ⲧ Ⲩ ⲩ Ⲫ ⲫ Ⲭ ⲭ Ⲯ ⲯ Ⲱ ⲱ Ϣ ϣ / Ⳁ ⳁ
Ρ ρ Σ σ ς Τ τ Υ υ Φ φ Χ χ Ψ ψ Ω ω ϡ
Rho = 100 Sigma = 200 Tau = 300 Upsilon = 400 Phi = 500 Chi = 600 Psi = 700 Omega = 800 Sampi = 900

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{In what follows, the original format of two columns per page has been rendered as a single column. Page breaks have "a" or "b" to indicate left or right column.}

{page 16b:}

ABA αβα ΑΒΑ alpha-beta-alpha   4
DE δε ΔΕ delta-epsilon ED: But, ED: and 9
GEA γεα ΓΕΑ gamma-epsilon-alpha Earth
DV δϝ ΔϜ delta-digamma   10
ÉBA ηβα ΗΒΑ eta-beta-alpha CH: Doric: Manhood: youth
γη ΓΗ gamma-eta Earth 11
δη ΔΗ delta-eta CH: Note Lexicon meaning in ref. to Hadit. Mankind sequence without reference to times. 12
BIA βια ΒΙΑ beta-iota-alpha Force 13
GAIA γαια ΓΑΙΑ gamma-alpha-iota-alpha Earth, Country 15[4]
ÉBÉ ηβη ΗΒΗ eta-beta-eta Manhood, youth 18
BIÉ βιη ΒΙΗ beta-iota-eta Force, Strength 20
ABK αβκ ΑΒΚ alpha-beta-kappa   23
BEIGG βειγγ ΒΕΙΓΓ beta-epsilon-iota-gamma-gamma Being
BÉIGG βηιγγ ΒΗΙΓΓ beta-eta-iota-gamma-gamma   26
DEKA δεκα ΔΕΚΑ delta-epsilon-kappa-alpha Ten 30
THÉBAI θηβαι ΘΗΒΑΙ theta-eta-beta-alpha-iota Thebes ; CH: See 41
KAI και ΚΑΙ kappa-alpha-iota and = ☾ ☉ {Symbol: Moon Sun} 31
BAAL βααλ ΒΑΑΛ beta-alpha-alpha-lambda Baal 34

{page 17a:}

LAV λαϝ ΛΑϜ lambda-alpha-digamma .'. CH: Law is wrot of III senses 37
ALÉ αλη ΑΛΗ alpha-lambda-eta[9] Sometimes = Error, mental wandering 39
THEL Θελ ΘΕΛ Theta-epsilon-lambda Hermit 31+13 44
DIAKATH Διακαθ ΔΙΑΚΑΘ Delta-iota-alpha-kappa-alpha-theta [@]   45
ADIAKATH αδιακθ ΑΔΙΑΚΑΘ alpha-delta-iota-alpha-kappa-alpha-theta[@]   46
MEGA μεγα ΜΕΓΑ mu-epsilon-gamma-alpha great 49
MIA μια ΜΙΑ mu-iota-alpha one 51
STÉLE ϛηλη ϚΗΛΗ Digamma-eta-lambda-eta[*] block, boundry post, turning point 52
AIMA αιμα ΑΙΜΑ alpha-iota-mu-alpha blood
EN εν ΕΝ epsilon-nu at 55
VITAL וιθαλ וΙΘΑΛ {HB:V}{GR:iota-theta-alpha-lambda}[10] [NB: VITAL] ; CH: English 56
ALÉTHÉ αληθη ΑΛΗΘΗ alpha-lambda-eta-theta-eta Truth, ;
CH: but not in the dictionary should be αληθ
.. or αληθεια
KVL κϝλ ΚϜΛ kappa-Digamma-lambda CH: Root of wheel κυλ {kappa-upsilon-lambda}
νη ΝΗ nu-eta Yes 58
ÉN ην ΗΝ eta-nu if
ÉMI ημι HΜΙ eta-mu-iota CH: mate = 1/2 Lover

— Under Construction —

{In the tables below most Greek words are still missing and Greek fonts are mixed up with Latin fonts & tables need to be filled up with jumbled text...}

To be continued and fixed... until then, use the ASCII version.

{page 17b:}

NUI nui NUI nu-alpha-iota yes 61
THÉBAIAKATH thbaiakat THBAIAKAT theta-eta-beta-alpha-iota-alpha-kappa-alpha-theta[@]  
NV AD νϝ αδ ΝϜ ΑΔ Nu-Digamma + Alpha-delta Nuit & Had
INA ina INA iota-nu-alpha So that
ALLA alla ALLA alpha-lambda-lambda-alpha but 62
ATHANA Atana ATANA Alpha-theta-alpha-nu-alpha CH: Athene
EX ex EX epsilon-xi six 65
EIMI eimi EIMI epsilon-iota-mu-iota to be
ZÉN zhn ZHN zeta-eta-nu CH: A name for Zeus[5]
BABAX babax BABAX beta-alpha-beta-alpha-xi dancer 66
ATHÉNA AtHna ATHNA Alpha-theta-eta-nu-alpha Athene ; CH: in Homeric 69
BEING being BEING beta-epsilon-iota-nu-gamma [NB: BEING] ; [ED: English] 70
ATHÉNAA Athnaa ATHNAA Alpha-theta-eta-nu-alpha-alpha Athene ; CH: in Homeric
NK nk NK nu-kappa  
ZAEIN zaein ZAEIN zeta-alpha-epsilon-iota-nu   73
BÉING bhing BHING beta-eta-iota-nu-gamma [NB: Being] ; [ED: English]
NVITH νϝιθ NϜIT Nu-Digamma-iota-theta Nuit 75
NVIATH νϝιαθ NϜIAT Nu-Digamma-iota-alpha-theta ED: Nuit 76

{page 18a:}

EINAI einai EINAI epsilon-iota-nu-alpha-iota CH: from ειμι {epsilon-iota-mu-iota} ;
= ED: I am, to be
ATHÉNA Athna ATHNA Alpha-theta-eta-nu-eta ED: Athene
IENAI ienai IENAI iota-epsilon-nu-alpha-iota to go
ATHÉNAIA Athnaia ATΗNAIA Alpha-theta-eta-nu-alpha-iota-alpha ED: Athens 80
BÉML Bhml BHML Beta-eta-mu-lambda ED: step, pace; platform; tribute
βημα {beta-eta-mu alpha} ;
CH: a staff CH: ment..., adds to 51
DVO δϝο ΔϜΟ delta-Digamma-omicron[11] [ED: two]
BOÉ boh BOH beta-omicron-eta a cry; hide of ox; shield
I KAL IT i kal it I KAL IT iota kappa-alpha-lambda iota-theta [NB: I call it]
[ED: English]
OIDA oida OIDA omicron-iota-delta-alpha I know 85
ENDEKA endeka ENDEKA epsilon-nu-delta-epsilon-kappa-alpha ED: Eleven
KAIEN kaien KAIEN kappa-alpha-iota epsilon-nu ED: and one 86
ph PH pi-eta How?, which way? 88
ANAGKÉI anagkhi ANAGKHI alpha-nu-alpha-gamma-kappa-eta-iota by necessity 93
KAABA כאב כאב {HB:Ka'aBA} Kaaba
KVLLÉ κϝλλη ΚϜΛΛΗ kappa-digamma-lambda-lambda-eta a cup, CH: see 488 ; [ED: not 194[err]] 94
NVIAKATH nϝiakat NϜIAKAT Nu-Digamma-iota-alpha-kappa-alpha-theta[@]   97
ATHENI EK ateni ek ATENI EK alpha-theta-epsilon-nu-iota epsilon-kappa[12]   100
É AGAPÉ h agaph H AGAPH eta alpha-gamma-alpha-pi-eta The Love 101

{page 18b:}

GAR gar GAR gamma-alpha-rho For 104
REA rea REA rho-epsilon-alpha CH: wife of Saturn ; Mother of Jupiter ;
ED: Rea
ÉMÉN hmhn HMHN eta-mu-eta-nu CH: Attic for ην {eta-nu}
ANATHEMA anatema ANATEMA alpha-nu-alpha-theta-epsilon-mu-alpha anything dedicated ;CH: in New Testament ανθεμα {alpha-nu-theta-epsilon-mu-alpha}[13] 107
OLÉ olh OLH omicron-lambda-eta CH: Feminine of ολος {omicron-lambda-omicron-sigma} whole 108
OM om OM omicron-mu   110
ENNEA ennea ENNEA epsilon-nu-nu-epsilon-alpha ED: nine {see note} ; [NB: Whole][14] ;
CH: English ; CH: By the fools - those of 111
ASTÉR αϛηρ ΑϚHΡ alpha-Digamma-eta-rho[*] Star 115
REI rei REI rho-epsilon-iota CH: From ρεο {rho-epsilon-omega} to flow
THÉR thr THR theta-eta-rho A wild beast 117
STOMA ϛομα ϚΟΜΑ Digamma-omicron-mu-alpha[*] mouth θρι {theta-rho-iota} 119
ON on ON omicron-nu ED: being, creature 120
ENEIMI eneimi ENEIMI epsilon-nu-epsilon-iota-mu-iota  

{page 19a:}

KARA kara KARA kappa-alpha-rho-alpha head 122
ONE one ONE omicron-nu-epsilon [NB: ONE] ;
[ED: English]
EON KVLIX eon kϝflix EON KϜLIX epsilon-omicron-nu kappa-Digamma-lambda-iota-xi Drinking cup 126
KEAR kear KEAR kappa-epsilon-alpha-rho heart, soul, mind 128
KHR khr KHR kappa-eta-rho heart
STRAGGEIA ϛraggeia ϚRAGGEIA Digamma-rho-alpha-gamma-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha[*]   129
KINÉMA kinhma KINHMA kappa-iota-nu-eta-mu-alpha ED: movement, motion
PAN pan PAN pi-alpha-nu ED: Pan ;
[NB: (W)ONE][15]
KEFRA keϝra KEϜRA kappa-epsilon-digamma-rho-alpha [ED: Kephra] 132
KARDIA kardia KARDIA kappa-alpha-rho-delta-iota-alpha Heart 136
ZVGON zϝgon ZϜGON zeta-Digamma-gamma-omicron-nu yoke
É STRAGGEIA h ϛraggeia H ϚRAGGEIA eta Digamma-rho-alpha-gamma-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha[*]   137
KARDIÉ kardih KARDIH kappa-alpha-rho-delta-iota-eta Heart 143




+ nϝiakat



+ Nu-Digamma-iota-alpha-kappa-alpha-theta[@]
13 x 11
KINEIN kinein KINEIN kappa-iota-nu-epsilon-iota-nu to move, change, continue, begin 145

{page 19b:}

DRAMA drama DRAMA delta-rho-alpha-mu-alpha ED: drama, play 146
ÉMAR hmar HMAR eta mu-alpha-rho Day 149
RÉMA rhma RHMA rho-eta-mu-alpha a word, saying
ÉMERA hmera HMERA eta mu-epsilon-rho-alpha ED: day 154
LL λλ LL lambda-lambda [ED: λαμβδα {lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha} times 2] 156
PAN ÉIÉ pan hih PAN HIH pi-alpha-nu + eta-iota-eta[16]   157
PALAMÉ palamh PALAMH pi-alpha-lambda-alpha-mu-eta Palm of hand 160
MAKAR makar MAKAR mu-alpha-kappa-alpha-rho Blessed 162
É PALAMÉ h palamh H PALAMH eta pi-alpha-lambda-alpha-mu-eta[17] 160 + 8 ; ED: The Palm of the hand 168
ENEIMIEN eneimien ENEIMIEN epsilon-nu-epsilon-iota-mu-iota epsilon-nu   175
NONE none NONE nu-omicron-nu-epsilon [NB: NONE] ;
= 50 + 70 + 50 + 5 ;
[ED: English] ;
לא {HB:LA} 74 + 111 ;
[ED: Hebrew: למד {HB:LMD} = 74 = אלפּ ד {HB:D HB:ALP} = 111 = א {HB:A}] ;
ED: no, not μελαρ {mu-epsilon-lambda-alpha-rho}[18] Black
KOPÉ koph KOPH kappa-omicron-pi-eta Stroke
[ED: cut]
OLOÉ oloh OLOH omicron-lambda-omicron-eta CH: from ;
αβ ολο {alpha-beta omicron-lambda-omicron}...: Deadly ;
דאט {HB:Da'aTh} (474)

{page 20a:}

ORGÉ orgh ORGH omicron-rho-gamma-eta passion 181
PVR pϝr PϜR pi-Digamma-rho Fire 186
ORGEIA orgeia ORGEIA omicron-rho-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha [ED: orgy] 189
É ORGÉ h orgh E ORGH eta omicron-rho-gamma-eta passion
KENON kenon KENON kappa-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu Empty; The void of space 195
PALLAX pallax PALLAX pi-alpha-lambda-lambda-alpha-xi virgin 202
SE se ΣE sigma-epsilon motion upwards 205
EXARMA exarma EXARMA epsilon-xi-alpha-rho-mu-alpha height, swelling 207
        418 divided by 2 ; ☾ ☉ {Symbol: Moon Sun} 209
GES / EGS γες / εγΣ GEΣ / EGΣ γες {GR:gamma-eta-sigma} or εγς {GR:eta-gamma-sigma} see note 19[19] ; CH: no such word[err] ;
ED: ηης {eta-eta-sigma} ? = 216
BIAS biaς BIAΣ beta-iota-alpha-sigma ED: with difficulty 213
SIGA siga ΣIGA sigma-iota-gamma-alpha Hush! Silently 214
DIS diς DIΣ delta-iota-sigma twice
GAIAS gaiaς GAIAΣ gamma-alpha-iota-alpha-sigma   215
EIS eis EIΣ epsilon-iota-sigma one
EIPON eipon EIPON epsilon-iota-pi-omicron-nu I said ; [ED: not 195[err]]
OLON olon OLON omicron-lambda-omicron-nu Whole, perfect ;
CH: Number of verses in Liber AL
SIGÉ sigh ΣIGH sigma-iota-gamma-eta silence 221

{page 20b:}

AIDES αιδες AIDEC Alpha-Iota-Delta-Eta-C [ED: αιδες {alpha-iota-delta-eta-sigma}] ;
KABS kabς KABS kappa-alpha-beta-sigma [NB: Kaabs] ; [ED: Anglo-Egyptian]
ARGON argon ARGON alpha-rho-gamma-omicron-nu not working 224
ADISTH EISI adist eisi ADIST EISI alpha-delta-iota-sigma-theta epsilon-iota-sigma-iota CH: from ειμι {epsilon-iota-mu-iota} ;
ED: I am
PRAGMA pragma PRAGMA pi-rho-alpha-gamma-mu-alpha deed, action
ASTRON aϛron ΑϚRON alpha-Digamma-rho-omicron-nu[*] Star 227
ERGON ergon ERGON epsilon-rho-gamma-omicron-nu work 228
É SIGÉ h sigh H SIGH eta sigma-iota-gamma-eta The silence 229
THEBAIS tebaiς TEBAIS theta-eta-beta-alpha-iota-sigma Theban ; CH: See 238 230
ONOMA onoma ONOMA omicron-nu-omicron-mu-alpha Name 231
SKIA skia SKIA sigma-kappa-iota-alpha shadow; shade
LOGION logion LOGION lambda-omicron-gamma-iota-omicron-nu oracle 233
É THEBAIS h tebaiς H TEBAIS eta theta-eta-beta-alpha-iota-sigma ED: The Theban 238
THÉRION thrion THRION theta-eta-rho-iota-omicron-nu wild beast 247
RESPEIN respein RESPEIN rho-epsilon-pi-epsilon-iota-nu to fall 250
PRO pro PRO pi-rho-omicron before
KORAX korax KORAX kappa-omicron-rho-alpha-xi crow 251

{page 21a:}

PAMPAN pampan PAMPAN pi-alpha-mu-pi-alpha-nu altogether 252
SIGMA sigma SIGMA sigma-iota-gamma-mu-alpha a sign ; [ED: also Sigma spelled in full] 254
ALÉTHÉS alhthς ALHTHS alpha-lambda-eta-theta-eta-sigma truth 256
THEMIS temiς TEMIS theta-epsilon-mu-iota-sigma Law, right 264
IMÉSI imhsi IMHSI iota-mu-eta-sigma-iota   268
EXÉS exhς EXHS epsilon-xi-eta-sigma in order 273
EISIN eisin EISIN epsilon-iota-sigma-iota-nu CH: from ειμι {epsilon-iota-mu-iota} ; ED: I am 275
EN OLON en olon EN OLON epsilon-nu omicron-lambda-omicron-nu One Perfect
GOES goeς GOES gamma-omicron-eta-sigma a howling; wizard 281
BIOS bioς BIOS beta-iota-omicron-sigma Life ; CH: See 101 282
SEBIZEIN σebizein SEBIZEIN sigma-epsilon-beta-iota-zeta-epsilon-iota-nu To Worship 289
PAIS paiς PAIS pi-alpha-iota-sigma boy; maid 291
EXAKIS exakiς EXAKIS epsilon-xi-alpha-kappa-iota-sigma six times 296
É PIAIS h piaiς H PIAIS eta pi-alpha-iota-sigma ED: The boy ; 291 + 8 299
SELÉNÉ σelhnh SELHNH sigma-epsilon-lambda-eta-nu-eta She ED: Moon 301

{page 21b:}

KEPHRA כפּרא כפּרא כפּרא {HB:KPRA} KPRA Kephra 301
LOGAS logaς LOGAS lambda-omicron-gamma-alpha-sigma Chosen ; CH: See 384 304
HKEPHRA ח-כפּרא ח-כפּרא ח-כפּרא {HB:H-KPRA} 301 + 5 ED: The Kephra 306
ETA ετα ΕΤΑ eta-tau-alpha CH: eight {Arabic: Lam-Alif}[21] = 31 = 0 ;
CH: I call it eight
É SELÉNÉ h selhnh H SELHNH eta Sigma-epsilon-lambda-eta-nu-eta = ετα {eta-tau-alpha}
The Moon ; House of the ☾ {Symbol: Moon} ;
CH: (not said)
KHABS כאבשׁ כאבשׁ כאבשׁ {HB:ChABSh} Khabs 311
DVNAMIS dϝnamiς DϜNAMIS delta-Digamma-nu-alpha-mu-iota-sigma[22]  
OIKIAS oikiaς OIKIAS omicron-iota-kappa-iota-alpha-sigma house; household
AGGELOS aggeloς AGGELOS alpha-gamma-gamma-epsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma messenger ; ED: angel 312
MAGOS magoς MAGOS Mu-alpha-gamma-omicron-sigma ED: magician 314
ADIT adiτ ADIΤ Alpha-Delta-Iota-Tau Hadit 315
ERIS eriς ERIS Epsilon-rho-iota-sigma goddess of Strife ; ED: Eris
EIGT eigτ EIGT epsilon-iota-gamma-tau [NB: EIGHT] ; CH: English 318
ÉLIOS hlioς HLIOS Eta-lambda-iota-omicron-sigma = θετα {theta-eta-tau-alpha}
Sun, House of ☉ {Symbol: Sun}
THETA θητα THΤA theta-eta-tau-alpha ED: The name of the letter Theta
TEI τει ΤEI tau-eta-iota 2 x 159 ; 6 x 53

{page 22a:}

É DVNAMIS η δϝναμις H DϜNAMIS eta delta-Digamma-nu-alpha-mu-iota-sigma[22] ED: (δύναμις) potentiality, actuality 319
O KORAX o korax O KORAX omicron kappa-omicron-rho-alpha-xi ED: the crow 321
DEMOS demoς DEMOS delta-eta-mu-omicron-sigma people 322
KATA kata KATA kappa-alpha-tau-alpha down
AITIA aitia AITIA alpha-iota-tau-iota-alpha cause
É ERIS h eriς H ERIS eta epsilon-rho-iota-sigma ED: The Goddess Eris ;
Daughter of Νοξ {Nu-omicron-xi}
DIKAIOIS dikaioiς DIKAIOIS delta-iota-kappa-alpha-iota-omicron-iota-sigma just 325
ESOMAI esomai ESOMAI epsilon-sigma-omicron-mu-alpha-iota (526) 326
AKOLASIA akolasia AKOLASIA alpha-kappa-omicron-lambda-alpha-sigma-iota-alpha incontinence, dispersion,
ED: debauchery, ED: wantonness ; (203)
EKATÉ ekaτh EKAΤE Epsilon-kappa-alpha-tau-eta ED: Hecate 334
KOPANON kopanon KOPANON kappa-omicron-pi-alpha-nu-omicron-nu pestle 341
PALLAS pallaς PALLAS Pi-alpha-lambda-lambda-alpha-sigma a brandisher ; ED: Phallus 342
GOOS gooς GOOS gamma-omicron-omicron-sigma a spell 343
ODOS odoς ODOS omicron-delta-omicron-sigma way 344
KENOS kenoς KENOS kappa-epsilon-nu-omicron-sigma empty; void 345
VITAL וταλ וΤΑΛ HB:V-GR:iota-tau-alpha-lambda {וταλ} [NB: VITAL][23] ; CH: English 347
OGDOAS ogdoaς OGDOAS omicron-gamma-delta-omicron-alpha-sigma 8 348

{page 22b:}

É FALLAS h pallaς H PALLAS eta pi-alpha-lambda-lambda-alpha-sigma ED: The Phallus 350
O GOES o goeς O GOES omicron gamma-omicron-eta-sigma ED: wizard 351
O BIOS o bioς O BIOS omicron beta-iota-omicron-sigma The Life ; 352
        CH: See 281 353
EXAGOMENON exagomenon EXAGOMENON epsilon-xi-alpha-gamma-omicron-mu-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu   354
LAGNOS lagnoς LAGNOS lambda-alpha-gamma-nu-omicron-sigma lewd, lustful ;
CH: see 941 + 679
EPOS epoς EPOS epsilon-pi-omicron-sigma a word 355
AKATENOS ακατενος AKATENOS alpha-kappa-alpha-theta-epsilon-nu-omicron-sigma[@]   356
31ENOS 31enoς 31ENOS 31-epsilon-nu-omicron-sigma[24]  
O LON KAI OLE o lon kai ole O LON KAI OLE omicron lambda-omicron-nu kappa-alpha-iota omicron-lambda-eta   359
O o O O O = 360 ; ED: the degrees of a 360 circle ; CH: she might call it 360
O PAIS o paiς O PAIS omicron pi-alpha-iota-sigma ED: the child, ED: the boy 361
VEPIOC ϝepioc ϜEPIOC Digamma-Epsilon-Pi-Omicron-C  
OGKOS ogkoς OGKOS omicron-gamma-kappa-omicron-sigma curve, atom ; CH: see 360 363
MESON meson MESON mu-epsilon-sigma-omicron-nu meddle in 365
KINAIDOS kinaidoς KINAIDOS kappa-iota-nu-alpha-iota-delta-omicron-sigma sodomite
EXAPLOON exaploon EXAPLOON epsilon-xi-alpha-pi-lambda-omicron-omicron-nu   366
NVIT νϝιτ ΝϜΙΤ Nu-Digamma-Iota-Tau Nuit
TO το ΤΟ tau-omicron ED: the ; CH: 309 + 61 370

{page 23a:}

OLOS oloς OLOS omicron-lambda-omicron-sigma Perfect [ED: see also 220]  
OIKOS oikoς OIKOS omicron-iota-kappa-omicron-sigma House  
ATAXIA aτaxia AΤAXIA alpha-tau-alpha-xi-iota-alpha confusion 373
ARGOS argoς ARGOS alpha-rho-gamma-omicron-sigma shiny, still 374
KATATHEMA kaτatema KAΤAΘEMA kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-theta-epsilon-mu-alpha anathema 377
EXEKOMENON exekomenon EXEKOMENON epsilon-xi-eta-kappa-omicron-mu-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu   378
MINTHOS minthoς MINTOS mu-iota-nu-theta-omicron-sigma shit ;CH: see 449 379
KOPIS kopiς KOPIS kappa-omicron-pi-iota-sigma[25] cleaver 380
KEPHRA קפּרא קפּרא קפּרא {HB:QPRA}[26] [ED: either the name KEPHRA, or the last part of the name קפּרא 'ק בר{HB:BR Q' QPRA}] 381
O MAGOS o magoς O MAGOS omicron mu-alpha-gamma-omicron-sigma ED: the magician 384
LOGAIOS logaioς LOGAIOS lambda-omicron-gamma-alpha-iota-omicron-sigma Chosen
IEROS ieroς IEROS iota-epsilon-rho-omicron-sigma holy 385
EPTA epτa EPΤA epsilon-pi-tau-alpha seven 386
H KAFRA קפּרא ה קפּרא ה קפּרא ה {HB:H-QPRA} [ED: see 381]
POLIS poliς POLIS pi-omicron-lambda-iota-sigma ED: city 390
O DEMOS o demoς O DEMOS omicron delta-eta-mu-omicron-sigma the people 392
POLIES polieς POLIES pi-omicron-lambda-iota-epsilon-sigma [ED: English POLICE] 395
STALHYM שתאלהים שתאלהים שתאלהים {HB:ShTALHYM} ED: false gods

{page 23b:}

TA VEPI τα ϝεπη ΤΑ ϜΕΠH tau-alpha Digamma-epsilon-pi-eta   400
KOGX OM PAX κογξ ομ παξ ΚΟΓΞ ΟΜ ΠΑΞ kappa-omicron-gamma-xi omicron-mu pi-alpha-xi (20+70+3+60)+(70+40)+(80+1+60)
[ED: KONX OM PAX = 451]
EY ey EY epsilon-upsilon well 405
ENTELEIA enτeleia ENΤELEIA epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-iota-alpha perfection 406
SEBAS σebaς SEBAS sigma-epsilon-beta-alpha-sigma awe, worship ; CH: See 778 408
EDU ηδυ HDY eta-delta-upsilon pleasant, sweet 412
O GOOS o gooς O GOOS omicron gamma-omicron-omicron-sigma the spell ; CH: See 343 413
O ODOS o odoς O ODOS omicron omicron-delta-omicron-sigma the way 414
MARGOS margoς MARGOS mu-alpha-rho-gamma-omicron-sigma proud, mad
OGDOOS ogdooς OGDOOS omicron-gamma-delta-omicron-omicron-sigma one eighth 417
PAN BABALON PAN Pan Babalon Pan PAN BABALON PAN pi-alpha-nu beta-alpha-beta-alpha-lambda-omicron-nu pi-alpha-nu ED: Pan Babalon Pan 418
AEAYE aηayη AHAYH alpha-eta-alpha-upsilon-eta ED: Aeon (?)
TO ME το μη ΤΟ ΜH tau-omicron mu-eta nothing, Final ; RPSTOVAL[27] ; CH: English {See note [27]} ; הא-רא-הרו {HB:HRV-RA-HA} HRU-RA-HA
YGEIA ygeia YGEIA upsilon-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha health 419
ITY ity ITY iota-theta-upsilon steep, straight, right
TO MEGA το μεγα ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ tau-omicron mu-epsilon-gamma-alpha = תיט {HB:TYTh} = Teth ; CH: ∴ 666 = the Teth Beast [ED: N.B. το {tau-omicron} = The μεγα {mu-epsilon-gamma-alpha} = Great

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      kappa-upsilon [NB: KHU {Anglo-Egyptian}] 420
      iota-sigma-iota-sigma [NB: ISIS {Anglo-Egyptian}]
      eta alpha-eta-alpha-upsilon-eta ED: The Aeon(?) 426
      epsilon-upsilon-eta-theta-eta[28] kind, silly 430
      nu-omicron-mu-omicron-sigma = αριθμος {alpha-rho-iota-theta-mu-omicron-sigma}
ED: law = number
      pi-alpha-nu-tau-alpha ED: everything, always 432
      kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-beta-omicron-lambda-eta conception
      omicron kappa-iota-nu-alpha-iota-delta-omicron-sigma The sodomite 435
      pi-alpha-nu-tau-eta done everywhere on every side 439
      rho-omicron-omicron-sigma[30]   440
      pi-epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon Five
      mu-upsilon Murmuring with closed lips
      omicron omicron-lambda-omicron-sigma ED: The Whole ; [NB: Abnormal definite art.]
      Kappa-Upsilon-Beta-Eta-Beta-Eta CH: Variant of Cybele
      omicron omicron-iota-kappa-omicron-sigma The house
      eta kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-beta-omicron-lambda-eta The laying down, foundation[6]
      Theta-alpha-lambda-alpha-sigma-sigma-alpha the sea 442
      Omicron-iota-delta-iota-pi-omicron-sigma Oedipus 444

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      epsilon-kappa-alpha-tau-omicron-nu one hundred 446
      omicron-rho-theta-omicron-sigma upright 449
      Theta-omicron-rho-omicron-sigma Semen ; CH: See 519
      omicron mu-iota-nu-theta-omicron-sigma the shit
THYMA θυνα ΘYMA Theta-upsilon-mu-alpha CH: I demand nothing in sacrifice i.e. as Θυνα {Theta-upsilon-nu-alpha} as 450 sense ; [ED: ?] Victim 450
      eta epsilon-kappa-Digamma-alpha-sigma-iota-sigma[*] = nu-upsilon ; ED: The ecstasy = NU (Greek letter name: nu {ν})
      eta Theta-alpha-lambda-alpha-sigma-sigma-alpha the sea
      kappa-upsilon-lambda CH: Root of wheel
      sigma-kappa-omicron-lambda-iota-omicron-nu song at banquet
      pi-rho-omicron-sigma ED: to, at, toward
      nu-upsilon ED: name of the letter nu {ν}
      alpha-Digamma-rho-omicron-nu[*] + alpha-rho-gamma-omicron-nu 224 + 227 ; Silver Star ; A∴A∴ 451
      alpha-mu-alpha-rho-tau-iota-alpha fault 453

{page 25a:}

      zeta-epsilon-upsilon-gamma-mu-alpha a bond 456
      upsilon-xi   460
      epsilon-xi-alpha-iota-rho-omicron-mu-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu excited 461
      eta alpha-mu-alpha-rho-tau-iota-alpha the fault, sin
      epsilon-upsilon-nu-eta bed 463
      epsilon-upsilon-theta-nu honest, straight forward 464
      Kappa-upsilon-beta-epsilon-lambda-eta ED: Kiblah(?) 465
      Delta-eta-mu-eta-tau-eta-rho ED: Demeter 468
      Nu-upsilon-iota-theta ED: Nuit 469
      omicron-upsilon not 470
      kappa-upsilon-nu female
      epsilon-xi-alpha-rho-kappa-omicron-mu-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu be satisfied 471
      kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-alpha circles
      theta-upsilon-epsilon-iota-nu to sacrifice 474
      delta-upsilon-omicron two ; CH: 800 "with the just counsel(?) as duality יוסט {HB:YVSTh} "Just"
[ED: יוסט {HB:YVSTh} = 476]

{page 25b:}

      tau-omicron alpha-nu-alpha-theta-epsilon-mu-alpha ED: the curse 477
      epsilon-xi-pi-epsilon-kappa-tau-epsilon-delta [NB: Expected] ; [ED: English] 479
      epsilon-xi-omicron-rho kappa-iota-Digamma-eta-sigma[*] exorcist
      omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon 418 + 61 ; but not
      theta-upsilon-omicron 418 + 61 ; CH: I sacrifice (?)
      epsilon-upsilon-theta-epsilon-nu-epsilon-iota-alpha wealth, etc. 485
      beta-delta-epsilon-lambda-upsilon-gamma-mu-alpha an abomination
      tau-omicron kappa-epsilon-alpha-rho the heart ; [ED: See 498] 486
      tau-omicron Digamma-omicron-mu-alpha[*] the month 487
      epsilon-upsilon-theta-eta-nu-epsilon-iota-alpha health; plenty 488
      kappa-upsilon-lambda-lambda-eta the cup
      epsilon-upsilon-omicron-delta-iota-alpha prosperous course 490
      tau-epsilon-kappa-nu-omicron-nu ..... is born, son 495
      epsilon-pi-iota-tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-iota-nu to perform ritual  
      pi-omicron-lambda-epsilon-mu-omicron-sigma a battle  
      upsilon-mu-eta-nu union?  
      tau-omicron kappa-eta-rho[31] 370 + 128 ; [ED: the heart] 498
      tau-omicron kappa-iota-nu-eta-mu-alpha ED: the movement, the motion 499
      epsilon-pi-iota-tau-omicron-lambda-eta Rising of Star 503

{page 26a:}

      delta-upsilon-omicron-delta-epsilon-kappa-alpha 12 504
      pi-omicron-lambda-epsilon-mu-iota-omicron-sigma rashly 505
      kappa-alpha-iota-delta-upsilon-omicron and two
      pi-epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon + epsilon-xi 5 + 6
      omicron-lambda-omicron-sigma kappa-alpha-iota omicron-lambda-eta ED: all (male) and all (female) 509
      theta-upsilon-rho-alpha door 510
FACE     phi-alpha-Digamma-epsilon[32] [NB: FACE] ; CH: English ; (512?) 510
      Kappa-rho-omicron-nu-omicron-sigma Kronos
MOY moy MOY mu-omicron-upsilon = πι {phi-iota} ; mine, of me
= the letter name of Phi
      nu-epsilon-mu-epsilon-sigma-iota-sigma ED: nemisis, divine vengeance
      nu-upsilon-xi night ; ED: NOX
PI πι ΠΙ phi-iota = τις {tau-iota-sigma} = νυξ {nu-upsilon-xi} ;
ED: the letter name of Phi = anyone = NOX = 666-156
      eta epsilon-pi-iota-tau-omicron-lambda-eta ED: the rising of the star 511
      omicron upsilon-mu-alpha    
      pi-alpha-nu-alpha-pi-lambda-omicron-sigma all-tender, delicate ; {error had 513} 512
      alpha-beta-omicron-upsilon-lambda-iota-alpha thoughtlessness 514

{page 26b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{26b} epsilon-mu-omicron-upsilon = epsilon-sigma-tau-iota[33] 515 eta theta-upsilon-rho-alpha door 518 eta kappa-alpha-kappa-eta gamma-upsilon-nu-eta The bad woman omicron theta-omicron-rho-omicron-sigma Semen 519 tau-omicron eta-mu-alpha-rho ED:the day(?) kappa-upsilon-lambda-iota-xi a cup 520 CH:See 126 nu-epsilon-upsilon-epsilon-iota-nu CH:See 1125 pi-alpha-nu-tau-omicron-theta-iota HB:Na'aTh[7] epsilon-sigma-omicron-sigma-mu-alpha-iota CH:(326) 526 omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-nu ED:no one, none 529 zeta-upsilon-gamma-omicron-nu union 530 omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-mu-iota-alpha ED:no one, none epsilon-upsilon-delta-iota-alpha-nu-alpha-xi Ruler of Air 531 pi-alpha-nu-upsilon altogether

{page 27a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{27a} alpha-lambda-phi-alpha = alpha-tau-lambda-alpha-sigma 532 ED:Letter name of Alpha = Atlas CH:61 + 471 q.v. sigma-theta-epsilon-nu-omicron-sigma ED:strength, vigor 534 omicron-upsilon theta-epsilon-nu kappa-tau-epsilon-iota-sigma comb CH:Nefta HB:NPThH 535 ED:(liquid female honey) tau-epsilon-rho-pi-nu-alpha 536 omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-nu-iota-alpha ED:noone 540 Phi-alpha-mu-alpha CH:(666 + 418) divided by 2 542 alpha-tau-epsilon-lambda-eta-sigma without object 544 epsilon-upsilon-kappa-alpha-iota-rho-iota-alpha prosperity 547 phi-eta-mu-alpha 549 pi-rho-omicron-tau motion 550 alpha-mu-phi-iota 551 omicron-rho-omicron-mu-beta-omicron-sigma CH:See 482 552 phi-eta-mu-eta ED:fame 556

{page 27b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{27b} tau-omicron kappa-epsilon-nu-omicron-nu ED:the void, space 565 gamma-upsilon-nu-eta Rho-epsilon-alpha ED:woman Rea 567 CH:7 x 81 CH:None[34] omicron-iota-kappa-omicron-nu {connection to number unknown} 570 sigma-theta CH:(in full) 572 [NB:as sigma-iota-gamma-mu-alpha + theta-eta-tau-alpha] epsilon-upsilon-kappa-lambda-eta-rho-iota-alpha good fortune 574 tau-iota-sigma epsilon-iota-mu-iota Who am I CH:510 + 65 575 tau-omicron-iota-sigma 580 pi-upsilon-rho ED:fire upsilon-pi-alpha-rho vision 581 eta phi-alpha-mu-alpha-iota-theta-epsilon-iota-alpha 585 omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-nu xi-alpha[35] CH:529 + 61 See 529 590 kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-omicron-nu tau-omicron omicron-lambda-omicron-nu ED:the whole omicron-kappa-tau-alpha-sigma 8 591 16 x 37 592 CH:destruction of Yechidah [NB:16 is the Tower Atu 37 is HB:YChYDH]

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      greek letters meaning No.

{28a} tau-omicron-nu delta-eta-mu-omicron-nu ED:the demon 592 epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-sigma ED:perfect 595 kappa-epsilon-nu-tau-rho-omicron-nu ED:centre; sting tau-omicron pi-rho-alpha-gamma-mu-alpha ED:the thing Sigma-epsilon-iota-rho-iota-omicron-sigma omicron-gamma-delta-omicron-eta-kappa-omicron-nu-tau-alpha 80 596 epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-eta-sigma complete 598 CH:288 + 370 eta-omicron-kappa-tau-alpha-sigma ED:the eight 599 kappa-omicron-sigma-mu-omicron-sigma ED:world 600 sigma-kappa-omicron-lambda-iota-omicron-sigma ED:crooked mu-alpha-nu-tau-iota-sigma ED:prophet 601 tau-omicron omicron-nu-omicron-mu-alpha ED:the name tau-omicron lambda-omicron-gamma-iota-omicron-nu oracle 603 epsilon-upsilon-sigma brave, noble 605 epsilon-xi-omicron-nu-tau-omicron-nu ED:I annihilate tau-epsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma ED:end CH:1271 - 666 eta epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-eta-sigma CH:598 + 8 606 ED:the complete theta-epsilon-lambda eta-nu-iota tau-epsilon-sigma {error 617} 607 CH:44 58 505 ED:Hermit Lover Man of Earth

{page 28b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{28b} alpha-sigma-tau-eta-rho CH:See 115 609 ED:Star xi-upsilon-lambda-omicron-nu ED:wood; beating 610 alpha-lambda-phi-alpha lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha CH:532 + 78 ED:Letter names of Alpha & Lambda epsilon-pi-iota-tau-eta-delta-epsilon-sigma enough, fitly 612 CH:See 1036 eta-delta-upsilon-sigma zeta-epsilon-upsilon-sigma [NB:ZEUS] CH:See 218 or 1036 [ED:English] Tau-omicron Theta-eta-rho-iota-omicron-nu ED:The Beast 617 {See also error on 607} omicron-mu-phi-eta 618 iota-theta-upsilon-sigma 619 Eta-lambda-iota-omicron-sigma + sigma-epsilon-lambda-eta-nu-eta CH:318 + 301 = ☾ {Symbol: Moon} + ☉ {Symbol: Sun} = ☾☉ = ΣΘ {GR:sigma-theta}[36] tau-omicron sigma-eta-mu-alpha The sign tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-iota-omicron-sigma Perfect 620 omicron-upsilon-lambda-omicron-nu ED:gum (of the mouth) CH:See 770 rho-upsilon-omicron-mu-alpha-iota save, guard 621 sigma-tau-rho-alpha-gamma-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha 623 Kappa-epsilon-phi-rho-alpha ED:Kephra 626

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      greek letters meaning No.

{29a} epsilon-upsilon-sigma-epsilon-beta-epsilon-iota-alpha reverent 628 CH:See 820 eta sigma-tau-rho-alpha-gamma-gamma-epsilon-iota-alpha 631 theta-alpha-nu-alpha-tau-omicron-sigma ED:death epsilon-pi-iota-tau-epsilon-lambda-eta-sigma accomplished 638 tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-tau-eta Initiation, celebration, 648 & mysteries sigma-upsilon-nu ED:with, to 650 eta tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-tau-eta CH:648 + 8 656 ED:The initiation, the celebration & the mysteries Alpha-rho-tau-epsilon-mu-iota-sigma ED:Artemis phi-rho-eta-nu ED:mind, reason 658 eta-mu-iota-sigma-upsilon ED:half phi-lambda-omicron-xi flame 660 epsilon-upsilon-theta-nu-sigma straight 664 omicron Sigma-epsilon-iota-rho-iota-omicron-sigma CH:595 + 70 See 595 665 eta phi-rho-eta-nu ED:the mind, the reason 666 pi-epsilon-nu-tau-alpha-kappa-iota-sigma ED:five times[37] CH:666 x 1 = he 610 + 56 = 666 eta kappa-omicron-kappa-kappa-iota-nu-eta gamma-upsilon-nu-eta 667 CH:29 x 23 ED:The Scarlet Woman CH: 667 = The Virgin = Fish CH:Woman should be the woman.

{page 29b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{29b} Digamma-Alpha-Delta - Tau + Nu-Digamma - Tau 667 Nu-upsilon-iota-sigma-theta 669 Nu-epsilon-Digamma-theta-upsilon-sigma 670 omicron-mu-phi-alpha-xi unripe 671 pi-alpha-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-sigma Perfect[38] omicron mu-alpha-nu-tau-iota-sigma CH:See 601 ED:the prophet beta-omicron-upsilon-sigma Ox CH:254 + 418 672 pi-alpha-nu-tau-epsilon-lambda-eta-sigma Perfect 674 epsilon-xi-alpha-chi-eta in 6 parts eta nu-epsilon-Digamma-theta-upsilon-sigma CH:670 + 8 678 mu-alpha-chi-lambda-eta 679 rho-omicron-mu-beta-omicron-upsilon 682 zeta-epsilon-upsilon-gamma-omicron-sigma ED:pair 685 omicron-lambda-omicron-eta nu-upsilon-xi CH:532 + 78 + 78 688 An She call it alpha-lambda-lambda 532 = alpha-lambda-phi-alpha 78 = lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha 78 = lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha alpha + lambda + lambda = 61 or 688

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      greek letters meaning No.

{30a} omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-iota-sigma no one, nobody 689 Nu-omicron-tau-omicron-sigma South wind 690 kappa-upsilon-beta-omicron-sigma ED:cube 692 omicron-upsilon-theta-epsilon-iota-sigma 694 sigma-eta-mu-alpha Nu-Upsilon ED:(the) sign NU 699 kappa-upsilon-theta-omicron-sigma depth tau-alpha-upsilon ED:The letter name of tau 701 CH:631 + 70 kappa-epsilon-upsilon-theta-omicron-sigma Depth 704 alpha-phi-eta-sigma 709 alpha-rho-chi-eta ED:origin mu-omicron-upsilon-sigma-alpha Muse 711 eta delta-upsilon-nu-alpha-mu-iota-sigma ED:the power, the strength 713 mu-upsilon-theta-omicron-sigma ED:myth 719 theta-upsilon-mu-omicron-sigma soul nu-omicron-upsilon-sigma mind, intellect 720 CH:712 + 8

{page 30b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{30b} alpha-sigma-tau-rho-omicron-nu CH:See 227 Star 721 tau-alpha omicron-nu-tau-alpha ED:the creatures 722 tau-omicron Digammaepsilonpiomicron-sigma 731 kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-omicron-sigma ED:circle, cycle 740 tau-alpha-pi-epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon 741 omicron-upsilon-rho-alpha-nu-omicron-nu ED:celestial CH:506 + 175 + 61 742 omicron beta-omicron-upsilon-sigma ED:the ox CH:711 + 31 mu-upsilon-Digamma-iota-kappa-omicron-sigma[*] ED:secret; mystic 746 tau-omicron kappa-alpha-tau-alpha thetaepsilonmu-alpha 747 psi-iota-lambda-eta ED:smooth breathing 748 [NB:the sound of HB:A] tau-eta-sigma delta-iota-kappa-eta-sigma 750 tau-omicron sigma-eta-mu-epsilon-iota-omicron-nu CH:370 + 383 753 ED:the sign, mark theta-upsilon-mu-alpha-tau-iota in sacrifice 760 omicron Nu-omicron-tau-omicron-sigma the South Wind CH:690 + 70 alpha-phi-alpha-nu-eta-sigma unseen secret Nu-upsilon-iota-tau Nuit

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      greek letters meaning No.

{31a} Nu-epsilon-phi-theta-Digamma-sigma CH:See 674 770 phi-alpha-omicron-sigma The Eye 771 pi-tau-epsilon-rho-omicron-epsilon-iota-sigma-alpha tau-alpha-omicron-upsilon none omicron-kappa-tau-alpha-kappa-omicron-sigma-iota-omicron-iota CH:800 pi-omicron-tau-alpha-nu-omicron-sigma winged sigma-phi-iota-gamma-xi ED:sphinx 773 delta-omicron-upsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma ED:slave; servant 774 epsilon-upsilon-rho-omicron-sigma S. East Wind 775 pi-omicron-tau-eta-nu-omicron-sigma 778 alpha-rho-rho-eta-tau-omicron-sigma ED:unspeakable, ineffable 779 omicron-phi-iota-sigma {WEH note: serpent. Error had 780 alpha where omicron is now} omicron mu-upsilon-theta-omicron-sigma ED:the myth 789 omicron theta-upsilon-mu-omicron-sigma ED:the soul pi-tau-omicron-lambda-epsilon-mu-omicron-sigma 795 tau-epsilon-sigma-sigma-alpha-rho-alpha ED:four 807 epsilon-gamma-omega ED:Ego, 808 beta-alpha-zeta-omega ED:put, place, lay, set 810 alpha-iota-omega I breathe, live, know 811 The Values of the Hebrew Alphabet

{page 31b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{31b} Iota Alpha Omega ED:IAO 811 beta-delta-epsilon-omega I part Alpha-tau-tau-iota-sigma ED:Attis beta-iota-omega = sigma-phi-alpha-iota-rho-alpha ED:I live = sphere 812 epsilon-upsilon-sigma-epsilon-beta-epsilon-sigma reverent CH:See 620 817 rho-upsilon-theta-mu-omicron-sigma ED:rhythm, order, style 819 beta-iota-alpha-zeta-omega I constrain, overcome 820 eta sigma-phi-alpha-iota-rho-alpha ED:the sphere epsilon-upsilon-sigma-epsilon-beta-eta-sigma reverent tau-omicron theta-upsilon-mu-alpha victim theta-upsilon-gamma-alpha-tau-eta-rho ED:daughter 821 sigma-phi-alpha-iota-rho-alpha-iota ED:spheres 822 nu-epsilon-phi-omicron-sigma cloud, heaven 825 tau-alpha tau-epsilon-rho-pi-nu-alpha 837 kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-delta-epsilon-sigma-mu-omicron-sigma 841 mu-alpha-omega seek, wish, claim

{page 32a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{32a} tau-omicron delta-upsilon-omicron ED:the two 844 CH:744 + 70[39] omicron delta-omicron-upsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma beta-epsilon-beta-alpha-iota-omega-mu-alpha 861 kappa-iota-omega-nu pillar 880 kappa-iota-nu-epsilon-omega CH:See 145 ED:I move 885[40] 886 iota-epsilon-rho-omicron-phi-alpha-sigma tau-omicron zeta-upsilon-gamma-omicron-nu Union 900 CH:530 + 370 See 530 tau-omicron-nu theta-alpha-nu-alpha-tau-omicron-nu 901{error ='s 1051} {the peaceful death} iota-alpha-kappa-chi-omicron-sigma CH:30 squared + 1 squared 901 Alpha-Tau-upsilon-sigma ED:Atus gamma-nu-omega-mu-eta mark, token, sign epsilon-nu-delta-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-chi-epsilon-sigma 904 CH:assiduous, constant tau-omicron-iota-sigma delta-iota-kappa-alpha-iota-omicron-iota-sigma 905 epsilon-upsilon-rho-upsilon

{page 32b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{32b} Delta-alpha-iota-mu-omega-nu Demon 905 delta-eta-mu-iota-omicron-upsilon-rho-gamma-omicron-sigma ED:demiurge, creator epsilon-nu-delta-epsilon-lambda-epsilon-chi-eta-sigma continuous 907 omega-rho-iota-alpha bloom of youth 911 alpha-xi-omega-nu [NB:Flowers][41] CH:English omicron kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-delta-epsilon-sigma-mu-omicron-sigma omicron beta-alpha-sigma-iota-lambda-epsilon-upsilon-sigma 918 tau-omicron phi-eta-mu-alpha 919 tau-omicron-mu-eta kappa-alpha-iota delta-upsilon-omicron 923 CH:418 31 474 ED:cut in two(?) zeta-omega-nu-omicron 927 omicron alpha-iota-omega-nu ED:the aeon, century, age 931 epsilon-kappa-sigma-tau-alpha-sigma-iota-sigma ecstasy 936 Alpha-lambda-alpha-Digamma-omega-rho[*] 938 [ED:probably "Aleister" from English, but as Greek it signifies: "villain", "fiend"] mu-alpha-chi-lambda-omicron-sigma 941 psi-iota-lambda-alpha-sigma Bacchus omicron-upsilon deltaupsilon-omicron not two 944 rho-omega-mu-eta Strength 948 tau-omicron omicron-upsilon-theta-alpha-rho 950 tau-omicron pi-upsilon-rho ED:the fire

{page 33a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{33a} tau-omicron upsilon-pi-alpha-rho ED:the vision 951 CH:real vision, not tau-omicron omicron-nu-alpha-rho = 221 + 370 + 591 581 + 370 = 951 See 581[42] 955 CH:See 948 956 tau-omicron kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-omicron-nu 960 epsilon-upsilon-phi-eta-mu-iota-alpha silence in ritual, use words 964 good omen, songs of phrase (in plural) rho-omega epsilon-iota-mu-iota ED:name of the letter "rho" 965 and "I am" tau-omicron kappa-epsilon-nu-tau-rho-omicron-nu ED:the centre, the sting pi-omicron-iota-epsilon-omega eta epsilon-kappa-Digamma-alpha-sigma-iota-sigma[*] epsilon-mu-omicron-upsilon = Nu-upsilon-epsilon-sigma-tau-iota the consciousness, etc. alpha-phi-alpha-nu-iota-sigma-iota-sigma[43] ED:destruction 972 epsilon-xi-omicron-rho-kappa-iota-sigma-tau-eta-sigma ED:exorciser 973 omicron delta-eta-mu-iota-omicron-upsilon-rho-gamma-omicron-sigma 975 ED:the demiurge, the creator tau-omicron tau-epsilon-lambda-omicron-sigma CH:605 + 370 Delta-rho-alpha-kappa-omega-nu ED:dragon, ogre

{page 33b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{33b} Theta-upsilon-rho-sigma-omicron-sigma ED:Thyrsus 979 CH:610 + 370 980 omicron alpha-xi-omega-nu ED:the axis 981 nu-upsilon-mu-phi-alpha 991 nu-upsilon-mu-phi-eta ED:bride 998 eta nu-upsilon-mu-phi-alpha 999 kappa-alpha-tau-omicron-chi-eta restruction omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-nu + delta-upsilon-omicron 1003 ED:none and two epsilon-upsilon-kappa-tau-alpha-iota-omicron-sigma 1006 votive involved in prayer (of Gods) desired eta nu-upsilon-mu-phi-eta ED:the bride omicron alpha-lambda-alpha-Digamma-omega-rho[*] 1008 ED:the villain, the fiend pi-epsilon-rho-phi-epsilon-kappa-tau perfect [ED:English] 1010 psi-iota-lambda-omicron-sigma ED:thin, fine; bare omicron alpha-rho-iota-theta-mu-omicron-sigma mu-omicron-upsilon ED:the number of me tau-epsilon-sigma-sigma-alpha-rho-epsilon-sigma[44] ED:forty 1011 epsilon-chi-epsilon-iota-alpha absolute being {621???} epsilon-upsilon-chi-eta won; wish; proud; curse 1013

{page 34a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{34a} Lambda-Alpha-Digamma CH:in full [ED:the total of 1017 the fully spelled-out letter names is 1017] eta epsilon-upsilon-chi-eta CH:1013 + 8 1021 ED:the wish, etc. Alpha-Beta-Kappa CH:532 + 311 + 182 1025 [ED:totals of letter names spelled in full][45] [NB:the word of sin] 1027 CH:In English Theta-Psi Theta-eta-tau-alpha = 318 1028 Psi-iota = 710 Lambda-upsilon-tau-tau-alpha 1031 omicron-upsilon-delta-epsilon-nu kappa-alpha-iota delta-upsilon-omicron none and two 1034 CH:529 + 31 + 474 pi-alpha-nu-delta-omega-rho-alpha giver of life 1036 Zeus = 612 or 218 sigma-omega-mu-alpha ED:body 1041 omicron theta-upsilon-rho-sigma-omicron-sigma CH:979 + 70 1049 {see error at 901} {1051} sigma-epsilon alpha-nu-alpha-gamma-omega ED:I bring to you 1060 omicron lambda-omicron-gamma-omicron-sigma iota-theta-upsilon-sigma 1062

{page 34b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{34b} sigma-theta-epsilon-nu-omega 1064 alpha-alpha ED:spelled in full as alpha-lambda-phi-alpha alpha-lambda-phi-alpha omicron-lambda-zeta[46] 1072 pi-alpha-nu CH:8 + 80 + 418 + 61 = 567 + 31 + 474 = 1072 CH:none and two[47] ED:"everything" epsilon-upsilon-phi-eta-mu-omicron-nu CH:See 964 1073 ED:favorable, euphemistic sigma-theta-epsilon-nu-omega-iota 1074 zeta-omega-omicron-sigma vital CH:See 927 1077 chi-xi-Digamma chi = chi-iota = 610 1087 xi = xi-iota = 70 Digamma = sigma-tau-alpha-upsilon = 407 [ED:Note that the simple numeration of chi-xi-Digamma is 666] epsilon-upsilon-rho-upsilon-sigma wide 1105 iota-omega-tau-alpha ED:Letter name of iota 1111 "Iota", "a jot" pi-alpha-nu-tau-alpha-chi-omicron-iota in every direction 1112

{page 35a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{35a} kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-gamma-omega ED:I bring down, I win 1125 nu-omicron-theta [ED:"not", English. This 1128 value results from the sum of the letters spelled in full] alpha-gamma-nu-omega-Digamma-omicron-sigma[*] ED:unknown 1130 beta-eta-mu-lambda [ED: beta-eta-tau-alpha + eta-tau-alpha 1138 + mu-upsilon +lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha] nu-upsilon-omicron-lambda-omicron-eta nu-upsilon-xi alpha-lambda-alpha [ED:alpha-lambda-phi-alpha + 1142 lambda-alpha-mu-beta-delta-alpha + alpha-lambda-phi-alpha] omicron beta-upsilon-sigma-sigma-omicron-sigma ED:the fine purple linen omicron alpha-beta-upsilon-sigma-sigma-omicron-sigma ED:the abyss 1143 epsilon-upsilon-phi-iota-lambda-epsilon-sigma beloved 1150 epsilon-upsilon-phi-iota-lambda-eta-sigma beloved CH:See 1150 1153 Nu-epsilon-phi-theta-upsilon-sigma Goddess of Perfection 1164 ED:Nepthus rho-epsilon-sigma-tau-rho-iota-kappa-tau-iota-omicron-nu 1165 [NB:Restriction] ED:See 671 [ED:English]

{page 35b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{35b} omega-rho-omicron-sigma 1170 eta nu-epsilon-phi-theta-upsilon-sigma The Goddess of Perfection 1172 CH:1164 + 8 zeta-upsilon-phi-omicron-sigma Evening wind 1177 mu-upsilon-sigma-tau-eta-rho-iota-omicron-nu mystery, sacrament 1178 xi-iota xi-iota + iota-omega-tau-alpha [ED:sum of the 1181 letter names] upsilon-chi[48] CH:In full zeta-omega-eta-rho-omicron-sigma ED:vivid, animated 1185 omicron-kappa-tau-omega ED:eight 1190 theta-upsilon-epsilon-iota-nu omicron-lambda-omicron-eta 1193 nu-upsilon-xi ED:sacrifice every night CH:688 + 474 = 1162 + 31 tau-omicron nu-epsilon-phi-omicron-sigma CH:825 + 370 1195 ED:the cloud, the heaven phi-upsilon-omicron-lambda-sigma[49] [NB:FOOLS] CH:English 1200 epsilon-upsilon-omega singe, dry up 1205 [NB:Do what thou wilt] CH:English 1206 theta-upsilon-omega ED:I sacrifice 1209 mu-omega-rho-omicron-sigma ED:foolish, silly, stupid 1210

{page 36a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{36a} delta-omega-tau-eta-rho[50] 1212 Pi-omicron-sigma-epsilon-iota-delta-omega-nu ED:Poseidon 1219 mu-omega-rho-omicron-iota-sigma ED:foolish(?) 1220 omicron-kappa-tau-omega + delta-epsilon-kappa-alpha CH:30 + 1190 ED:ten eight (18?) epsilon-upsilon-omega-delta-iota-alpha perfume alpha-lambda-lambda-alpha CH:in full epsilon-upsilon-phi-eta-mu-omicron-sigma ED:favorable 1223 CH:See 964 sigma-upsilon-nu tau-omicron-iota-sigma 1230 beta-epsilon-beta-alpha-iota-omega-sigma-iota-sigma ED:profanation{corrected from earlier typo} tau-omicron beta-epsilon-beta-alpha-iota-omega-mu-alpha 1231 CH:861 + 370 gamma-lambda-omega-sigma-sigma-alpha ED:tongue, language 1234 eta beta-epsilon-beta-alpha-iota-omega-sigma-iota-sigma 1238 ED:the profanation {corrected from earlier typo} mu-upsilon-sigma-tau-iota-kappa-omicron-sigma 1240 ED:secret, private, mystic tau-omicron chi-alpha-omicron-sigma ED:the chaos 1241 omicron-eta-sigma-theta [ED: totals of the letter names: spelled in full] CH:901 + 340[51] omicron-beta-omicron-zeta [ED: total of letter names spelled in full]

{page 36b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{36b} eta gamma-lambda-omega-sigma-sigma-alpha -> 1242 omicron-kappa-tau-omega + alpha-lambda-phi-alpha[52] ED:the tongue -> 8 + 1[53] 1245 iota-theta-upsilon-phi-alpha-lambda-lambda-omicron-sigma 1250 ED:turgid penis(?) 483 + 770 1252 omicron-kappa-tau-omega + epsilon-xi eight & six CH:See 1341 1255 CH:894 + 370 See 812 1264 kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-omega ED:in a circle, around 1270 kappa-upsilon-omega-nu ED:dog Mu-Phi-Lambda-Psi CH:41 x 31 1271 2542 divided by 2 tau-omicron omicron-nu-omicron-mu-alpha-sigma-omicron-upsilon ED:the name (?) CH:= 93/2 .'. 666 is expression (i.e. x2) = 93 epsilon-upsilon-chi-omicron-sigma boast, glory, vanity, vow 1275 kappa-upsilon-kappa-lambda-omega-iota 1280 kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-kappa-alpha-mu-psi-iota-sigma 1283 ED:bend back, bend against omicron Pi-omicron-sigma-epsilon-iota-delta-omega-nu 1289 ED:the (God) Poseidon

{page 37a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{37a} phi-alpha-omega 1301 pi-alpha-nu-delta-omega-rho-omicron-sigma given of all 1305 tau-upsilon-chi-eta chance 1308 upsilon-xi CH:in full 1330 kappa-alpha-iota epsilon-nu-epsilon-nu omicron-kappa-tau-omega 1331 ED:and nine(?) eight omicron-kappa-tau-omega epsilon-nu-nu-epsilon-alpha delta-epsilon-kappa-alpha ED:eight + nine + ten CH: 8 = 1190 +9 = 111 +10= 30 —— 1331 111 + 1220 = 1331 = 11 to the 3 power Pi-upsilon-theta-omega-nu Python 1339 tau-rho-omicron-chi-omicron-sigma wheel, disk, circle, course 1340 CH:(470) omicron-kappa-tau-omega epsilon-xi kappa-alpha-iota epsilon-nu 1341 ED:eight six and one CH:See 868 1362 mu-epsilon-sigma-omicron-nu-upsilon-kappa-tau-iota-omicron-sigma 1365 ED:of midnight tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicronupsilon his law 1400 zeta-omega-tau-iota-kappa-omicron-sigma ED:vital 1407 omicron Pi-upsilon-theta-omega-nu the Python 1409

{page 37b:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{37b} iota-sigma-chi-upsilon-sigma ED:strength, power, force, 1410 might omicron tau-rho-omicron-chi-omicron-sigma CH:1340 + 70 ED:the wheel, etc. tau-omicron sigma-omega-mu-alpha ED:the body 1411 epsilon-upsilon-sigma-epsilon-beta-epsilon-omega reverent 1417 CH:See 820 tau-upsilon-chi-omicron-nu ED:happening; by chance 1420 alpha-phi-alpha-nu-iota-xi-omega to vanish 1422[54] CH:1100 + 325 1425 iota-theta [NB:total of letter names: 1429 spelled in full] CH:215 + 55 + 1190 1460 kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-sigma-tau-rho-omicron-phi-eta 1500 ED:destruction, ruin, catastrophe phi-omega-sigma ED:light omega-psi pi-alpha-nu-tau-alpha-chi-omicron-upsilon everywhere 1502 nu + omicron + tau CH:450 + 360 + 701 1511 [ED:sum of letter names] [NB: NOT] [ED:English] lambda-alpha-Digamma CH:in full

{page 38a:}

      greek letters meaning No.

{38a} epsilon-upsilon-phi-upsilon-eta-sigma of good nature 1513 tau-omega-iota omicron-nu-tau-iota in deed 1540 CH:1220 + 325 1545 with the just CH:5 x 309 tau-omicron omicron-kappa-tau-omega ED:the eight 1560 tau-omicron epsilon-pi-omicron-sigma tau-eta-sigma 1571 theta-epsilon-mu-iota-delta-omicron-sigma ED:The word of the Law CH:{Symbol: Moon} - 508 = 1063 iota-sigma-chi-upsilon-rho-omicron-sigma ED:strong 1580 chi xi Digamma 1581 chi-iota xi-iota sigma-tau-alpha-upsilon [ED:letter name totals] epsilon-upsilon-sigma-tau-omicron-chi-iota-alpha hitting the mark 1586 sigma-iota-xi + phi-iota-phi-tau-iota [NB:Six & Fifty] 1590 CH:270 + 1320 English tau-omicron-upsilon theta-alpha-nu-alpha-tau-omicron-upsilon 1601 ED:his death rho-tau CH:in full omicron-upsilon CH:in full 360 + 1260 1620 ED:not, no, oh! epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-sigma-tau-iota-alpha[55] 1627 ED:thanks, eucharist tau-omicron ...... CH:1270 + 370 1640

{page 38b:}

SIX AND FIFTY     sigma-iota-xi alpha-nu-delta phi-iota-phi-tau-iota [NB: six and fifty] ; CH: English 1645
EYTYXES eytyxeς EYTYXES epsilon-upsilon-tau-upsilon-chi-epsilon-sigma ED: happy, fortunate, lucky 1910
EYTYXES eytyxhς EYTYXHS epsilon-upsilon-tau-upsilon-chi-eta-sigma ED: happy, fortunate, lucky 1913
TO REMA TOY NOMOU     tau-omicron rho-eta-mu-alpha tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon ED: the word of the Law. 1919
      tau-omicron omicron-lambda-omicron-nu tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon ED: the whole of the Law. 1990
      Tau-upsilon-phi-omega-nu ED: Typhon (?) 2050
      alpha-iota-nu CH: Full ; [ED: total of the letter names] 2093
        CH: 1754 + 370 2124
      tau-upsilon-phi-omega-sigma   2200
ALGMOR algmor ALGMOR alpha-lambda-gamma-mu-omicron-rho [NB: ALGMOR] ;CH: in full 2395
      omicron lambda-omicron-gamma-omicron-sigma tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon[56] 699 (....) 2542
      omicron lambda-omicron-gamma-omicron-sigma tau-omicron-upsilon sigma-eta-mu-alpha-tau-omicron-sigma tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon[56] 510 (....)
      alpha-lambda-alpha CH: (full) {tau-omicron-upsilon nu-omicron-mu-omicron-upsilon}
      Theta-epsilon-lambda-eta-mu-alpha CH: 2x1271= 2x41x31 ; [ED: total of the letter names spelled in full]

{page 39a:}

        CH: 532 + 2010 ; 1800 + 742 2542[57]

Misc. Notes on Additional Slips:

4638 = 6x773 = Sphinx = See 773

SYX (συξ) {sigma-upsilon-xi} is daughter of CHAOS (χαος) {chi-alpha-omicron-sigma} in myth

Ν+Ν {nu+nu} = Ρ {rho}

"I call it eighty" = ΤΟ ΠΙ - 450 = ΣΥ ; [ED: ΤΟ ΠΙ {tau-omicrom pi-iota} - 450 = ΣΥ {sigma-upsilon}]

+ 30 with the fools

+ 10 with the fools

What is complement of BMYX (βμυξ) {beta-mu-Upsilon-Xi}? I think CHAOS (χαος) {chi-alpha-omicron-sigma}

5 = PENTE (πεντε) {pi-epsilon-nu-tau-epsilon} = MY (μυ) {mu-upsilon} .'. 5x309 = μυ {mu-upsilon} none indeed

ηθ {eta-theta} = β {beta-xi} ; [ED:?]

οπ {omicron-pi} = ν {nu}

Σ {sigma} = ξϝγ {xi-Digamma-gamma}

ΤΕΣ {tau-epsilon-sigma} = Man of Earth

ΤΟ 1141 ΑΙΔΙ + ✓ ; [ED: = ΤΟ {tau-omicron} 1141 ΑΙΔΙ {Alpha-Iota-Delta-Iota} + ✓ {Symbol: check mark}]

2521 = 1331 + 1190

2586 = 2521 + 65

Space (ΧΔΟ) not Hadit (ΧΑΟΣ) ; [ED: = Space ΧΔΟ {chi-delta-omicron} not Hadit ΧΑΟΣ {chi-alpha-omicron-sigma}]


Computation Abnormalities Items in this list are evident errors in calculation of numeric value. Rather than simply putting these entries in the places that match their correct number totals, they have been collected here. It is possible that Crowley saw some particular significance in these word-number associations, and that these errors may reflect something of value in regard to his ideas.

KVLLÉ κϝλλη ΚϜΛΛΗ kappa-digamma-lambda-lambda-eta 194 a cup, CH: see 488 94
EIPON eipon EIPON epsilon-iota-pi-omicron-nu 195 I said 215
GES ges GES gamma-eta-sigma 211 ED: ηης {eta-eta-sigma} ?
CH: no such word
216 ?
      pi-alpha-nu-delta-omicron-rho-alpha 218 CH: see 1036 306
      epsilon-nu-alpha-phi-epsilon-iota-alpha 571 softness of touch 572
      Nu-epsilon-upsilon-omega 1125 incline to bend 1255
      sigma-tau-omicron-iota-chi-epsilon-iota-alpha-nu 1146 CH: see 777 1246
      epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-digamma-iota-alpha[*] 1158 ED: Eucharist 1133
      omicron-kappa-tau-alpha-tau-omicron-mu-omicron-sigma 1171 divided into 8 parts 1071
      sigma-tau-omicron-iota-chi-epsilon-iota-omicron-nu 1215 point, element, CH: see 846 1315
      kappa-omicron-pi-tau-omega 1220 peck 1270
      epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-digamma-omicron-nu[*] 1267 CH: see 1158 1242
      zeta-epsilon-phi-upsilon-rho-omicron-sigma 1272   1282
      delta-omega-rho-gamma-tau-eta-rho 1320   1315
        1352 1272 + 70 1342
      kappa-upsilon 1402 CH: in full 1442
      epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-digamma-omicron-sigma[*] 1417   1392
      omicron-omicron-lambda-omicron-sigma 1432 [ED: spelled in full] 1412
      eta tau-epsilon-rho-psi-iota-sigma 1523 ED: pleasure 1323
      kappa-alpha-tau-alpha-kappa-alpha-mu-pi-tau-omega 1553   1563
      tau-epsilon-rho-psi-iota-sigma 1575 ED: delight 1315
      epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-sigma-tau-omicron-nu 1636 CH: see 1158 1736
      epsilon-upsilon-chi-alpha-rho-iota-sigma-tau-omicron-sigma 1786 CH: see 1158 1886
        2581 1255 + 86 + 1245 2586
      tau-omicron digamma-epsilon-pi-omicron-sigma 1050 ιθυ {iota-theta-upsilon} 1150


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Footnotes have been expanded at or near the point of citation within double angle brackets, e.g. >>footnote<< {converted to footnote hyperlinks in this hypertext} .

Editor's Notes:

This work has been lost for many years, and perhaps the greater part of it will remain lost for many more. The present form of Liber MCCLXIV, provided here, is a compilation made from a photocopy of the small slips of paper left by Crowley and Leah Hirsig. These slips have been preserved by Frater N, known otherwise as G. Y.[1] Many of them have been lost. Many more would have been written to complete the work. Some idea of the loss can be obtained through use of this work. References to items not found are frequent. Omissions are notable: Θελημα = 93, Αγαπη = 93, ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ = 365, to provide examples. The work does not go far toward its goal of dealing with the Gnosis in Greek or Coptic, but there are unannounced turns of emphasis that are most valuable. In particular, considerable labor has been expended on elucidating passages and words found in LIBER AL, and English words generally. Some Hebrew entries have been added. {Additional corrections were also made by the subsequent editors in this hypertext.}

The Greek Lexicon probably used by Crowley in this work survives, and contains many notes, including: "Began to mark words etc for the Greek Qabalah An. XV (1919) Sol in Gemini." 93 Press hopes to be able to sift this lexicon at some future date for additional entries to THE GREEK QABALAH. The reference is Liddell and Scott Greek Dictionary — words lacking English meanings here would be best furnished them through use of that dictionary. The present editor has abstained from adding many of these English meanings owing to the likelihood of error in Crowley's emphasis. Notes on the more difficult entries will be found after the text. Very simple words, having obvious meanings, have been provided with English meanings in a distinctive type face. Where Crowley or Hirsig have provided the English meanings, these have been distinguished by the same type face used in this introduction. A summary of the meanings of the different type faces will be found just after this introduction.[2]

Crowley noted the following Principles of working on the fly leaf of his Liddell and Scott:

"1. Avoid compounds.

2. Collect prefixes, their numbers to be learnt by heart, so that people can add 'em on for trials and then use dict. "(most frequently forms of the definite article: Η "GR:eta", Ο "GR:omicron", ΤΟ "GR:tau-omicron", etc., to judge by Crowley's usage)."

3. Put genitives, futures etc in sub-line.

4. Make separate dictionary of roots. "Could I refer to other numbers of same root: e.g. to Aion put the number of αιονιος αιονοβιος (aionios aionobios) κ.τ.λ.?" "I shall make it a rule to take no notice of any Greek Qabalah that is not fortified by exterior circumstances; i.e. of nothing purely potential."

It is the hope of this editor that persons will be found willing to enlarge this work through their own researches. Briefly, these are the most important classes and types of sources from which to draw the Greek: Classical: The works of Homer (most important of all sources). Platonic: The Timaeus, The Republic. Neoplatonic: works by Plotinus, Porphyry and Iamblichus. Gnostic: the Codex Brucianus (Bruce MS 96, Bod. Lib. Oxford) — especially the portion published by Charlotte A. Baynes in 1933 e.v. as "A Coptic Gnostic Treatise Contained in the Codex Brucianus." Osirian: The New Testament and the Septuagint of Ptolemy II. Many other valuable sources abound; but these, in particular the Classic and the Gnostic examples, will be found to provide the most help. Where difficulty is experienced in finding Greek and English texts, consult Lynn Thorndike's History of Magic & Experimental Science, Columbia University Press, several editions.

Coptic texts and translations may be found in the library collections of the larger universities, the following table by Budge should help in determining the number values: {This table of Egyptian and Coptic Numbers has been omitted from the electronic edition}. ...

Greek and Hebrew numeric equivalents will be found at the bottom of several pages in the text to follow.

Here are examples of the meanings of the different type faces used in this version of Crowley's The Greek Qabalah:

{In the B.H.'s ASCII electronic edition, prefatory abbreviations were used instead, as noted}

(a-b-g-d-l) α-β-γ-δ-λ {alpha-beta-gamma-delta-lambda} ... (A-B-G-D-L) Α-Β-Γ-Δ-Λ {Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta-Lambda} ... The Greekwords and notes. In a few obvious cases, involving English transliterations, these have been added by the editor — otherwise they are original.

HB:הדבגא ... Hebrew entries.

"HB:HDGBA" ... In text notes to the Hebrew entries. ...

Arabic (one entry described) abcde ... ABCDE ... meanings to the entries written either by Crowley or Hirsig.

ED: abcde ... ED: ABCDE ... meanings added by the editors.

CH: abcde ... CH: ABCDE ... notes to the entries by Crowley or Hirsig.

[ED: abcde ... ED: ABCDE] similar notes added by the editor.

[NB: ABCDE ... NB: abcde...] English words from the original or from obvious Greek transliterations in the original.

(N1) (N2) (N3) (N4) ... Notes to be found in the back of the work. {no longer - converted to footnote hyperlinks in this hypertext}

Special symbols in the text:

[*] ...This symbol is used to identify entries in which Crowley has counted the value 6 for Ϝ {Digamma (Stau)} but written ς {stigma} for στ / ΣΤ {sigma-tau} (500, the modern method of rendering the archaic letter Greek Digamma cursive {Stau}). In these instances, the form corresponding to the value taken has been used here.

[@] ...Crowley has used an odd abbreviation, {ligature of two letters, an "o" trailing off to cross a Theta}, to represent the Greek letters ακατ {alpha-kappa-alpha-theta} (akat) in his original text. The value is 31,[3] and the meaning is negation. These have been spelled out.

An example page from the photocopy of the index slips. The appearance here is about the average in quality and clarity for these pages. Let the user of this edition beware of a work made solely on the basis of such a source! {Illustration on this page is of very nearly illegible slips of paper with Greek, numbers and sometimes English}

The editor would like to express his thanks to Fr. N, and to Brother Bill Breeze — to the former for the preservation of this work, to the later for the photocopy used in this reconstruction. — Bill Heidrick, editor.


[1] WEH Note: Gerald Yorke.

[2] WEH Note: For reasons of compatibility with different electronic users, this electronic transcription will use a different convention. See below.

[3] WEH Note: Crowley gets this value by a complex way of thinking. Take ΣΤ {GR:Sigma-Taw} over into Hebrew as שת {HB:Shin-Taw}. Then take the numbers of the corresponding Tarot Major Trumps: XX & XXI. Add these: 20 + 21 = 31!

[4] WEH Note: Also the name of the Earth Goddess. Note same number as יה {HB:YH}.

[5] WEH Note: error had epsilon for eta

[6] WEH Note: nuber error ; originally listed 444.

[7] WEH Note: This is probably what should be here, but the slip had what looked like: נצט {HB:NTzTh} and signifies: to burn, to blaze; (value 540) This guess has the right value of 520 and looks right. It might be an attempt to transliterate English: "NOT".

[8] WEH Note: to electronic edition: Of course, ΣΘ {GR:Sigma-Theta} can be pronounced "Set" and related to the last of the 231 gates of the "Sepher Yetzirah" — see Crowley's notes to "Liber Reguli".

Technical Notes:

[9] Two numbers on the slip: 36 & 39.

[10] This entry is in Greek on the slip, with the first letter like Nu. The numeration requires that this letter have the value 6. Because Nu has a shape quite close to the English V, I have assumed that the value 6 = ו {HB:V} = V is correct. By phonetic transliteration, the word then becomes "VITAL" — which is given in the edited version here.

[11] A small note on the slip appears to read: λος (los) {GR:lambda-omega-sigma} — not clear.

[12] There is some lack of clarity on the first two letters and the last. This slip was badly reproduced, heavily re-traced in pen, and appears to have caused speculation as to alpha-theta or sigma-theta for the first two letters long ago.

[13] The Greek in the middle column is so difficult to read that it could be quite different — only the apparent similarity of the main entry allows this interpretation.

[14] The entry is as written in this edition. Analysis of the probable transliteration would combine Hebrew and Greek: וολε {HB:V GR:omicron-lambda-epsilon}.

[15] The sound of the W is part of the word, but not the English spelling. Again, this word should be combined Greek and Hebrew transliteration: וose {HB:V GR:omicron-sigma-epsilon}. It may be that a visual effect is desired by this, in that two Hebrew words having the value 13 mean "love" and "unity". These are: אהבה {HB:AHBH} and אשד {HB:AChD}. These two were known to Crowley.

[16] This entry is written on a slip which also contains other notes. The slip is torn and difficult. Reproduced as is at right {illustration in printed edition only}

[17] The only original material here is the 160 + 8. This signifies that παλαμη (palame) {GR:pi-alpha-lambda-alpha-mu-eta} is to take the definite article Ε {GR:eta} — in other words, totals like this refer to the combination of their equivalent words or particles. Where this is obvious, no further note will be made. Where there is slight doubt, a note will be made. Where the doubt as to the words intended is great, no interpretation will be ventured in this edition.

[18] This particular Greek word may be misspelled. The ρ {GR:rho} looks like σ {GR:sigma} on the slip, but the total of 176 on the slip requires ρ {GR:rho}. A dictionary gives μελας (melas) {GR:mu-epsilon-lambda-alpha-sigma} = black = 276.

[19] The slip is illegible with regard to the Greek word. Crowley has a tendency to write γ {GR:gamma} like ε {GR:eta}. What has been written here looks like εες {GR:eta-eta-sigma}, by numeration would have to be either γες {GR:gamma-eta-sigma} or εγς {GR:eta-gamma-sigma}; and cannot be identified via dictionary — according to a note on the slip by another hand.

[20] Some notes on this slip are not easily read. The slip is reproduced here at the right {illustration in printed edition only}. The material at the top in the square brackets appears to read "unseen anni.......Hades"; while the material in the rounded brackets at bottom may be either "kabs" or "καρς" {kappa-alpha-rho-sigma}.

[21] The Arabic given in the text of this edition follows the number value given for this entry by Crowley. What is written on the slip looks more like: {illustration in printed edition only}.

[22] A note in either English or Greek (one word) is on this slip with the entry. It is illegible.

[23] Again the Hebrew letter Vau has been introduced with the Greek to provide a "V" or "U" or "W" sound in transliteration. For reference to a similar practice by Crowley, see "Magick in Theory and Practice", Chapter V, page 31 to 35 (ויאו {HB:VYAa'aV} and FIAOF) and Liber Samekh, footnote to Point I, Section B. Crowley uses "F" in the English Alphabet to identify both Vau and digamma ("Ϝ" also called "Stau"). Owing to the use of "F" for digamma-stau in this edition, the use of this letter to replace Vau has been avoided. To be sure, the letters make the same sound, and a Greek Dictionary could well have the "F" character in all these places. As a knowing caprice of the editor, this altered convention has been introduced. As an instructor in the use of Crowley's magical formulas, I am tired of hearing digamma or vau pronounced like "eff". By the trick of using Vau in text where Crowley has left out the actual transliteration, I hope to send the reader wandering into these notes. The nature of this trick should impress the memory of the reader, so that I may hope never again to hear F pronounced "eff" where it should be "u". I suppose this note is a bit unprofessional of me, but that doesn't bother me at all.

[24] This entry provided part of the clue to the symbol mentioned in the note at the bottom of page 13. Another word is noted on this slip, but it is so illegible that it cannot be identified to the point of Greek or English.

[25] Other words are on the slip, but cannot be identified.

[26] This is most certainly intended to be Kephra, the other Hebrew portion is the name of an obscure Qabalist Rabi — cited only on the off chance that some connection might materialize.

[27] This word from LIBER AL, II:76 (4 6 3 8 A B K 2 4 A L G M O R 3 Y X 24 89 R P S T O V A L). RPSTOVAL does not seem to have a clear relationship to the number 418 by Greek transliteration. What Crowley intended is obscure. It is possible that vowels were substituted on a model similar to that used for Enochian in EQUINOX I,7, and that Ϝ {GR:Digamma} was used for both ST and V, (thus giving RPϜTOϜAL). Not enough information is on the slip to decide this matter.

[28] Other words are on the slip that cannot be read beyond "easily h...".

[29] This total must result from a spelling of the component letters in full: Δ {GR:delta} = (delta) δελτα {GR:delta-epsilon-lambda-tau-alpha} Ϝ {GR:Digamma} = (digamma) διγαμμα {GR:delta-iota-gamma-alpha-mu-mu-alpha}. Elsewhere, Crowley spells Ϝ {GR:Digamma} = (stau) σταυ {GR:sigma-tau-alpha-upsilon} or (Stau) Ϝαυ {GR:Digamma-alpha-upsilon}.

[30] An unidentified English word is on the same slip.

[31] All that is on the slip is: 370 + 128 498. The entry in this edition is a deduction by the editor.

[32] The transliteration and the numeration of this entry are both unsure.

[33] The second word means "is".

[34] The meaning of this entry is unknown — either a Greek word with this meaning or an unusual method of transliteration.

[35] The interpretation of "61" as xi-alpha is without basis other than simple expression of this number-value in Greek letters — not on the slip.

[36] Helios and Selene, Sun and Moon. The sigma-theta may refer to several things, but the total of these two letters is 209 (see this entry). The rendering of a similar structure as ακατ (akat) {GR:alpha-kappa-alpha-theta} is not probable in this case. The letter name of Sigma means sign (see the next entry — taken from this same index slip). Crowley may also be referring to the fact that Theta looks a bit like a ☉ {Symbol: Sun} (circle with a dot in the middle), while Sigma is sometimes rendered as a crescent — that is in fact the most probable explanation for the cryptic entry under the number 209. Thus ΘΣ☾, by shape: Θ {GR:Theta} = Sun, Σ {GR:Sigma} , ☾ = Σ {GR:Sigma = Symbol: Moon}.[8]

[37] The entry is exactly as written: "666 x 1 = he".

[38] At this point, a slip occurs with just this information; "671 Restriction (1165)". A counter slip is found under 1165 which simply reverses the numbers. Obviously, something is meant by this. The most likely is a transliteration into Greek from English for the word "Restriction". This would be restriktion {GR:rho-epsilon-sigma-tau-rho-iota-kappa-tau-iota-omicron-nu} (1165) or ρεϝρικτιον (refriktion) {GR:rho-epsilon-digamma-rho-iota-kappa-tau-iota-omicron-nu} (671). This example is made slightly more complex than the usual through both the absence of the transliteration in the original slip and the need for the use of the Stau (Ϝ {GR:Digamma} = Σ {GR:Sigma} T {GR:tau} = st) that has usually been noted by an asterisk in the edition of the text. This application of Stau is different from the application of Digamma by the letter Vau or the use of Ϝ {GR:Digamma} without asterisk. In the latter case, Vau is used when the sound is to be rendered like "u", "V" or "w", and Ϝ {GR:Digamma} without asterisk has been used when that has appeared as such on the index slips. The point noted here seemed too complex to pass over in a simple text entry.

[39] This sum is found on a separate slip from the next entry. The next entry is in fact two words which are 70 + 774 — This would appear to be an item of special interest, or a reference to yet another 774 word with the definite article "o".

[40] This entry cannot be identified from the slip. The original was too light in photocopy, and the retracing of the entry in ink failed to distinguish the middle three or four letters. What appears to be σθ..υς {GR:sigma-theta.....upsilon-sigma} can be distinguished, but no more by this editor {illustration in printed edition only}

[41] This English word would most probably be transliterated as: ψλοוερς {psi-lambda-omicron-HB:V-epsilon-rho-sigma}, with ו {HB:V} = Vau = Digamma or Ϝ {GR:Digamma} with a "w" sound.

[42] The original entry is probably incomplete. All we have is: sigma-tau. This does not match the value 955 in any way known to me.

[43] The slip contains an additional note that is not clearly readable: "see to vanish" — the most probable reading, with the doubt on the last word.

[44] The Greek word here has a different spelling from the one on the slip. The letter ρ {GR:rho} has been added by the editor — required both by number total and by the dictionary.

[45] The transliteration is not known to this editor. Very probably, the "W" and the "f" would be rendered by Ϝ {GR:Digamma}, the "Th" by Θ {GR:Theta} and perhaps the "f" could instead be rendered by Ψ {GR:Psi}, or Y {GR:Upsilon}. The rest of the letters have conventional representations, but it doesn't seem to work.

[46] The number value of this triplet of letters, obtained either by direct addition or through the addition of the numbers of the names of the letters spelled in full is so remote from the value in the text that the entry can only be considered incomplete.

[47] The entry on the slip is as shown. 31 = none as ακαθ {GR:alpha-kappa-alpha-theta}. Also 31 = και {GR:kappa-alpha-iota} = and. 561 = None in English (see note #26). 474 = two as δυο {GR:delta-upsilon-omicron}. Ραν {GR:pi-alpha-nu} = Pan = "everything".

[48] The method of spelling in full is not known to the editor.

[49] The means of relating this word to this number is not known to this editor.

[50] This word probably means "second".

[51] There are several possibilities as to the words intended by these numbers.

[52] This is a reconstruction from the slip, which contains only: 1234 + 8 = 1190 + 532 (8 + 1). The slip also has some re-writing over the last digit and beneath it: 1/2 {"8" over-strikes the "2"}.

[53] All that appears on the slip is "in" or possibly "iota-upsilon".

[54] This slip also contains a word or words in Greek. The last part is difficult to read, and the slip has been reproduced at right {illustration in printed edition only}

[55] The slip also refers to 1158, which will be found on page 40 — in the error column.

[56] These slips are very difficult. They are reproduced below. {illustrations only in printed edition}

[57] Under this number, there is a curious slip. See right {illustration in printed edition only}


Proof read and edited by Frater D.M.T.

Contributed to Bahlasti Ompehda O.T.O. (Hungary, Anno iX)

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